Thanks to Andrew West for giving me the push I needed to update my Tangut database. Version 2.0 has the following improvements:

1. Unicode Tangut characters for each entry.

2. The addition of B variants for six characters:

    1. 1267A/B 𗈕𗈊 2zhi 'to boil in a covered pot over a slow fire; to braise'

    2. 2799A/B 𗽍𗽎 1dwy'1 'protruding'

    3. 2941A/B 𗁙𗁚 2kyr'4 'fence'

    4. 3007A/B 𗌕𗌖 2?ar? 'net'

    5. 3286A/B 𗧧𗨢 2li3 'to spoil/dote on a child'

    6. 5150A/B 𗮐𗮑 1thu'1 'to beg, request, demand'

Can you spot the differences between the variants?

3. Revised entries for

The file still has vast room for improvement and expansion.

Tangut Yinchuan font copyright © Prof. 景永时 Jing Yongshi
Tangut character image fonts by Mojikyo.org
Tangut radical and Khitan fonts by Andrew West
Jurchen font by Jason Glavy
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